We at Viogle (RC 2689596) believes in genuineness and bringing values that are worth it to the table. We are online retailer of Luxury yet affordable wrist watches in Nigeria crafted by top watch brands in Asia. These brands have proven their relevance in the market with lots of years of experiences and market shares.

We do not sell branded replicas (Rolex, Patek Philippe, Hublot, Frank Muller, Michael Kors etc). We believe in originality. All our products are outsourced directly from manufacturers which has developed a deep relationship even outside business. Our products are directly manufactured.

If you would be interested to buy from us a retailer, we would be glad to work with you. Our retail model is very simple. We have a minimum order quantity of five products (wrist watch, jewelry accessory, eye glass and belts). Our discount may vary depending on the number of items you’re willing to buy.

The more products you buy, the more discount you get. You can buy any watches, necklace, eye glass, belts without minding how you mix the models and colors. If you want a custom model, we can get them for you so that you don’t have to worry about fake products and scams.

Please fill the form below to simply get started with our retail agent. At the submission of your information, you will be contacted as stated in the form you filled.

You can contact us by Call/WhatsApp – 08025804122 or email – retail@viogle.com.

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